Our Mission

The mission of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Illinois shall be to promote and develop the outdoor advertising medium; protect its members in every lawful and property manner from injustices and unjust exactions; to do all things necessary and proper to encourage and promote customs and practices which will strengthen and maintain the outdoor advertising industry to the end that it may best serve the public.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead and unite a responsible outdoor advertising industry in Illinois that is committed to serving the needs of advertisers, consumers and the public.

To realize our vision requires reaching long and short term objectives.  Toward that end, OAAI’s objectives are:

  • To cooperate with other groups and professions whose goals and interests coincide with OAAI members;
  • To promote legislation conducive to the good practice of outdoor advertising;
  • To provide services to members as they may decide to be advantageous to their collective needs;
  • To foster and facilitate the exchange and dissemination of technical information and research results within the outdoor medium;
  • To develop and promote ethical standards for the guidance of its members in their relationship with each other and the general public;
  • To educate and create greater awareness among policymakers and the general public on the value and benefit of the outdoor medium; and
  • To create goodwill between the outdoor medium and the communities to which our members serve.