OAAI Membership Benefits 



OAAI serves as the eyes, ears and voice for Illinois outdoor advertising companies with local, state, and federal governmental bodies.  The OAAI Governmental Affairs staff monitors, develops, and protects the interests of its constituencies with respect to legislative developments that may arise.

Legal Service 

OAAI’s Legal Defense Fund was established in 2005 to assist members who are in litigation and in need of assistance regarding legal matters which may affect the industry as a whole.

Research and Technical Information

Keeping up with research, trends and technology is imperative in today’s business environment and OAAI understands the importance of having relative information to the industry at your fingertips.  OAAI conducts periodic research to gather important information that will assist you in making sound business decisions, while also keeping you abreast of industry technology and trends.

Access to Expert Advisors

When you become an OAAI member, you can receive instant access to our legislative staff as well as OAAI’s legal research staff, financial experts, and regulatory and technical experts.

Critical News & Information

Knowledge is your best defense in this rapidly changing industry and OAAI is the single, most authoritative source of information for the outdoor industry in Illinois. With weekly news alerts, special-interest newsletters and access to OAAI’s members-only web site section, you get the latest industry information the minute it’s released.

Professional Recognition

Enhance your professional credibility and visibility by belonging to a well-respected and widely known trade association.

Public Service Space

OAAI has helped to promote numerous public service campaigns on behalf of not-for-profit organizations and government agencies on issues such as improving the quality of life for children, preventative health, education, community well-being, environmental preservation and strengthening families. In conjunction with our partners, OAAI donates thousands of dollars each year to bring to the forefront these and many other important messages to the citizens of Illinois.

Our Legal Defense Fund

OAAI’s Legal Defense Fund was created in 2005 for the purpose of representing the interests of the outdoor advertising industry in the courts by bringing or assisting in cases of broad impact and by serving as an information and advocacy clearinghouse for the outdoor medium.  The Legal Defense Fund concentrates its legal resources in filing lawsuits or amicus curiae briefs in cases of general interest to the outdoor medium and to share information and resources in response to emerging legal issues.

To receive support from OAAI’s Legal Defense Fund, the requesting party must be a member of OAAI and the litigation case must satisfy both of the following criteria:

Our Working Group (OAWG)

In 2007, the OAAI and the Department of Transportation (IDOT) established the Outdoor Advertising Working Group (OAWG) for the purpose of bringing together operators and regulators.  The working group has afforded OAAI and its members the opportunity to strengthen its relationship with state regulators while also accomplishing numerous milestones, including agreed regulation to allow digital billboards on our roadways in Illinois, an agreed vegetation control program, a revised definition within the Illinois statute for non-conforming billboard maintenance as well as many other cooperative agreements.

Our Outdoor Advertising Placement Service (OAPS)

The Outdoor Advertising Placement Service (OAPS) is an established OAAI subsidiary that specializes in the placement of out-of-home-media.  At a local, state or national level, OAPS coordinates and executes paid media buys on billboards, transit, street furniture and alternative outdoor media as a one stop service.